When you hurt, we're here to help.

Expressive art & play therapies for trauma & mental health concerns of all ages

Relief & Restoration

Find healing from a traumatic experience or disruptive mental health concerns.

A Trustworthy Guide

We help you process the complex emotions and feelings you are experiencing.

Non-judgemental Environment

Express yourself in a way that is safe and works for you.

Paralyzing thoughts and triggers have turned your world upside down.

This leaves you with fear and uncertainty of how to find healing.

We Understand,

Something doesn’t feel right, and it’s difficult to trust anyone.

Confusion and shame are preventing you from living a healthy, whole life.

Discover a clear path to healing.

Overcome the lie that your mental health concerns define your life.

Gain control & confidence that you can live life without therapy.

We are the only art and play therapy practice in the upstate with both board-certified art therapists and registered play therapists.

We provide targeted therapies to help you reclaim balance in your life.

Cheryl Childers



by the SC State boards of Professional Counselors and Social Workers (NC, SK, AK and Alabama is coming soon).


Nationally recognized Board Certifications in Art Therapy and Play Therapy.

25+ years experience

of social work, in Private Practice for 8.

Helping hundreds

of clients find freedom from mental health concerns.

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