Family Therapy

If you’re in a tough spot with your parents, siblings, children, or other family members, and you want to improve those relationships, consider family therapy. At Art & Play Therapy Studios, we want to help you work through the challenges causing tension between you and your family. You don’t have to navigate this alone. Because each individual has their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions that must be considered, our specially trained family therapist can serve as your guide, mediator, and source of support.

Creating and playing together as a family reduces tension, lowers defenses, and increases connections. Brené Brown’s research shows that shame snuffs creativity, but creativity is the birthplace of courage, innovation, and healing.

Art & Play Therapy Studios understands how meaningful your family relationships are. If you need help mending your relationships with family members or working through a challenge, consider exploring family therapy with one of our therapists.

Stop living life through the lens of trauma and mental illness.