Faith-Based Psychotherapy

Regardless of a person’s personal religious beliefs, humans are undeniably physical, emotional, thinking, and spiritual beings. Addressing all aspects of our personhood is essential to healing trauma.

Faith-based psychotherapy is a deeply holistic counseling service aimed at treating the whole person – mind, body, and soul. While some therapies focus solely on physical health, others on emotions, and still others on the interplay of body / mind / emotions (referred to as a bio-psycho-social approach), faith-based psychotherapy adds the vital element of spirituality or faith to more traditional psychotherapy. 

Interested in a truly holistic approach? Art & Play counselors will meet you where you are at in your own spiritual / faith journey. We will help you to create harmony between your beliefs, experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions. While our personal beliefs are Bible-based Christianity, all are welcome here, regardless of religious tradition.

Our Faith-Based Pyschotherapy Service Providers

Stop living life through the lens of trauma and mental illness.