Walk & Talk Therapy

Movement, whether it’s a leisurely walk or a brisk hike, can make it easier for some people to discuss their feelings. Our walk-and-talk counseling services are particularly helpful with teenagers, younger clients, or anyone who feels more at ease in nature. For individuals who have a lot of excess energy, feel uneasy with direct eye contact, or have trouble sitting still, this is a great option. Some therapists have noted that physical movement encourages psychological movement and can even accelerate client breakthroughs. 

In a walk-and-talk therapy session, you’ll meet your therapist in a public park or on nearby trails. For our Greenville, South Carolina clients, walk-and-talk therapy sessions typically take place along the Swamp Rabbit Trail or at Paris Mountain State Park. You’ll get in your daily walk, breathe fresh air, and meet with your therapist, all in one go!

Because walk-and-talk therapy deviates from the traditional, private office setting, you may have concerns about the details of such a therapy session. What do you do if you run into someone you know on the trail? Are you healthy enough to keep up? Will there be benches and access to water? Your Art & Play therapist will start by setting boundaries beforehand so that you feel safe and comfortable during your session. 

Stop living life through the lens of trauma and mental illness.